Comfort Measures for Labor + Delivery

Want to take a deeper dive into comfort measures during labor and delivery? We have you covered!

Whether you are planning for a medicated or unmedicated birth, having a variety of comfort measures in your toolbox is essential for the birthing partner and your support team to help you feel confident about managing and coping with pain and discomfort during labor and delivery.

Join Molly Escobar, CD, CBE, CLEC for this information-packed workshop as a perfect complement to our McMoyler Method Parent Prep Series, or on its own. Over the course of 3 hours, you and your partner will learn and practice labor positions and strategies to utilize during Early and Active Labor. The techniques will teach your body to work with your baby toward a safe and healthy birth, minimize Active Labor discomfort and create confidence in taking on the different stages of labor.

Class Location
Sprout San Francisco
1828 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

one 3-hour class

Upcoming Classes
September 25th, 6-9pm at Sprout San Francisco



Sprout San Francisco

Over the course of 3-hours in a small group setting, you and your partner will learn and practice:

Basics of the Rebozo

Comfort Measures During Epidural

McMoyler Maneuvers for Labor
learn or deepen your practice

the why and hows

Customized Guidance
setting up labor stations at home

Body Mechanics
for dad or support partner

How to Offer Support
during Cesarian birth

Your Hospital Bag
doula tricks to have in your bag

And So Much More!

Susan reminded us how important it would be for our daughter to have a safe and comfortable space of her own. And despite my own fears, my 9 month old could do it.” — Carolina L.