Infant CPR: An essential ingredient in McMoyler Method Parent Prep


While it always makes my heart happy  to hear from past graduates of Parent Prep, this letter gave me the goosebumps (and not the good kind!), so I knew I had to share.  This is such a great reminder of why learning the basics of CPR is crucial for anyone that cares for a child on a regular basis. 

“On Saturday morning at about 9am, after breakfast our son was outside with our cat. Stacy and I were watching the news in bed and didn’t hear him for about a minute. Somehow he got through the safety gate and I found him floating face down in out pool in his pajamas. He was blue, wasn’t breathing, and no response. (Paramedics estimate he was probably in the water 45 sec to 1 min.) I jumped in, immediately started CPR. I got him to cough right away and throw up some water and food. I did this three more times when he finally started crying. While I was giving CPR, Stacy was talking to 911. While waiting for the paramedics and police to arrive, we took off his wet pjs, covered him in a warm blanket and started talking to him — he was crying and still  unresponsive due to still being very traumatized. We took him to the ER and spent all day Saturday and Sunday in the hospital making sure he was completely recovered. We came home Sunday afternoon and thanks to God, he is okay and back to being his busy, active, normal self with no health complication. Needles to say my wife and I have never been so scared, distraught and thankful in our lives.

The reason I am contacting you is to “thank you” for your class and giving us the skills/knowledge of what to do in case of an emergency.”

At Kinspace, we are super lucky to partner with Chris Schlesinger and his team from In Home CPR.  Chris provides on-demand, on-site safety classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area —

you choose the time and place of your class, and they will bring the classroom to you! 

Whether you need a certification class, or his signature CPR essentials class for new parents and caregivers, they have you covered. Chris is an instructor for the American Heart Association and American Red Cross and has taught several thousand people CPR, BLS, AED, Standard First Aid and Pediatric First Aid.  He is also a former EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and has worked in home healthcare.  Chris brings his wealth of professional experience and also his accessible and interactive style of  teaching.  

I’m sharing this with you because this is important stuff, like maybe THE most important, and I want you to have a go-to resource.  So, whether your are a graduate of parent prep and want to refresh your CPR skills now that baby is on the scene, or would like a more in depth CPR training course, InHome CPR has got you covered.