As a new mom, sometimes it feels like you are always in survival mode: Is my child eating enough? Sleeping enough? Socializing enough? Did I take a shower today? Ack! As soon as I walked into Susan’s Mommy + Me class, I was at ease.

She has such a deep empathy and understanding about all the motherhood woes, and after a few weekly sessions, I became confident and empowered. She is extremely informed, but beyond that, the whole class could feel how much she cared for each of us. Once my daughter was mobile, she would quickly crawl towards Susan. Without missing a beat, Susan would continue to lead class with babies crawling all over her.

At nine months, my daughter was still waking up throughout the night. My husband and I ended up bringing her to bed with us just so we could all get some rest, which was not working out. Susan was eager to help. She reminded us how important it would be for our daughter to have a safe and comfortable space of her own. And despite my own fears, my 9-month-old could do it.

She came to our home to talk through what was working and what wasn’t, and later provided a personalized sleep coaching plan. I was so nervous about it! And I won’t lie-—the first night was R-O-U-G-H. But Susan was on-call and available, responding to the play-by-play. It felt good to have her in our corner to help guide us through it. I went from a non-believer to mega-fan who is now referring friends!

Susan is a special soul and a loving mother who teaches with many of the lessons she has learned in her own home. Anyone lucky enough to work with her will see how passionate she is about family. I am so grateful for the time I had with her.

- Carolina L.

I have come to believe that parenthood is one of those life experiences for which no amount of preparation will actually prepare you. It's truly a “learn on the job” scenario, and no one gets it exactly right all the time.

I remember in those early days after our son was born feeling a bit like I was walking through a dreamscape, unsure of what was around each corner, just hoping that I was making the right moves, but almost floating through it all. Could this tiny human really be ours? Was he OK? Were we doing it right? It was at once exhilarating, exhausting, and even terrifying at times! As we slowly got the hang of things, we discovered that once we understood him, his signals, his needs, then things would suddenly change and we seemed to slide back to square one.

Enter: Susan Bordon. Oh, what a relief it was when I discovered her group and started taking him there once a week.

It was through her teachings and her gentle, understanding, caring ways that I started to feel firmer on my feet as a mother. I grew stronger emotionally, and I know our little boy did too. The interaction he got with other babies, and me with other mothers was the essential piece of the puzzle I'd been missing in my efforts to protect and shield him from the rigors of the outside world.

The insightful and informative discussions always left me feeling empowered and I stopped questioning my every move as a mother and began to trust and nurture my instincts. She brought to the fore many topics that I hadn't considered, and offered enlightened points of view that I always loved sharing with my husband, and that we still use and refer to on an almost daily basis.

I believe that our son is more self-assured, happier and independent than he would have been had I not learned so much from Susan. I will forever be grateful for her early influence on my life as a mother, and ours as a family unit. I would highly recommend any program with which she is a part, and I'd encourage any new parent to fully embrace the knowledge she has to share!

- Lisa C.

When I first came to Susan three and a half months post pregnancy I was anxious, teary and sleep deprived. I lacked confidence as a new mom and I over analyzed everything about my baby and everything I was doing to such an extreme point that it was interfering in the quality with my family.

In addition, I was an absolute mess about returning to work after my five month maternity leave. I just could not wrap my head around executing a morning before work and taking my son to daycare. Susan came over on a referral from my son’s pediatrician and from the moment she walked in my door I instantly felt safe. She had a warmth and way about her that made me feel like everything was going to be ok... and after working with her - it was! Not only did she help me feel so much more at peace in my heart, she also was able to answer just about every question I ever had about my baby. Susan also gave my husband and I the confidence we needed to teach our son how to fall asleep on his own through a custom sleep plan that she created just for us.

I am thrilled to say that I am back at work taking my son to daycare every morning and, thanks to Susan, it feels so much easier than I ever anticipated. The stuff I got tied up in knots about before feels so manageable. I find myself saying “I got this!” instead of “help!” – it feels so good to have such strong mommy confidence! And icing on the cake… our whole family is sleeping through the night!

- Meghan W.