Sleep Learning for Baby + Toddler

Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Anxious about napping and bedtime?
Solution: An individualized sleep plan for you and your family.

An individualized sleep plan, combined with support along the way, will change the way your family sleeps. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Following a comprehensive assessment, our sleep specialists will create a custom sleep plan that matches your parenting style and your child’s unique temperament. Using a gentle, nurturing and intuitive approach, we can help your little ones learn how to access their innate capacity for sleep — during naps and nighttime — in less than one week. We are committed to helping your family create and maintain healthy sleep habits for life.

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Sleep consultation packages include:

One-Hour Sleep Assessment
phone, online, or in-person

Nursery Assessment
in-person package only

Custom Sleep Plan
plus 5 days of support
via phone, text and email

Susan reminded us how important it would be for our daughter to have a safe and comfortable space of her own. And despite my own fears, my 9 month old could do it.” — Carolina L.