The FatherHood:
a Community for Dads

The FatherHood is a weekly opportunity to share the challenges, joys, and big questions of parenthood AND to get guidance around best parenting practices in a group that’s strictly for dads.
Whether you’re navigating work-life balance, seeking to hold more of the baby care information within your partnership, or just wanting to be in community with other new dads, you are welcome! Our weekly sessions will offer time to share and be heard as well as straightforward information on baby sleep and development, attunement in parenting and more. Join like-minded dads in the intention to bring greater clarity and depth to the parenting journey.

Babies are welcome!

4 weekly  Saturday online sessions
8 weekly Tuesday evening online sessions


Meet Alan

Alan Knox, BA is a certified personal trainer and wellness coach with training in group facilitation. His affirmative and holistic practice has allowed individual clients as well as men’s and new parent groups to connect more deeply with feelings, motivations, and intentions. He deeply values excellence in caring for babies and children and parenting as a source of fulfillment in the lives of adults.

Alan enjoys exploring nature, reading, and playing on the trampoline with his three children.