Postpartum + Parenting Support at Home

Becoming a new parent can be a time of intense joy, but also a time of deep shift and reorganization. As a parent/infant educator, Susan combines her clinical background with a love of teaching and sharing resources. She recognizes that the time when a mother is most vulnerable to feelings of postpartum depression or baby blues is also the time when leaving the house is the most challenging. She will bring the support to you!

During these individualized sessions, Susan will discuss with you how your new family is functioning, challenges you may be having with your children, and what parenting strategies—based on age and behavior—can best support the growth of your family.

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Custom Postpartum + Parenting Support Plans


In the comfort of your own home, Susan will create a custom plan to:

Increase Confidence
in breastfeeding, baby care, sleep regulation and parenting decisions

Learn + Practice Skills
proven to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, irritability, fear and fatigue

Provide Guidance
for parenting education, positive discipline strategies, and empathic limit setting

with resources in your community

Communicate Effectively
with your partner and loved ones

Explore Topics
on identity, relationships, body image and sexuality

I was an absolute mess about returning to work after my five month maternity leave. I just could not wrap my head around executing a morning before work and taking my son to daycare. From the moment Susan walked in my door, I instantly felt safe.” - Meghan W.